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Wasd's Application - Wasdqert - 07-21-2015

RP Name: Wasd
Steam Name (at present): Wasd
Steam ID (eg: STEAM_1:2:3456789): STEAM_0:0:46328149

Country of Residence:America
Languages I can 'meet & greet' in:English, Spanish, and French
Languages I am fluent in:English

My (written) English on a scale of 1-10:10 (if 10 means good)

My Date of Birth:07/23
Current Education (if applicable): High school

Do you have a microphone? No

Describe yourself & your personality in 150 characters: I am generally polite unless angered (very rarely am I truly angered). I will do my best at any task given to me even if it isn't possible I will still try.

Communities I have administered/moderated in the past: None (Thought this would be a good server to try to get staff experience on)

My Summary of 'Zombie RP' and the basic rules in at least 100 words: Zombie RP is a fun way for players to experience a post apocalyptic world where zombies run rampant. In this game mode players must choose from a selection of jobs and then act out or “role play” as if they were actually living in their character’s role. They must interact with other players and try to survive the hordes of zombies. Players must choose allies and construct bases with complex defenses to thwart any who may try to get in. Players must choose from a selection of options to make money from the legal and safe to the illegal and dangerous.

How long I have played Garry's Mod: 250+ hours
How long I have played a RP Gamemode, such as DarkRP, ZombieRP, PERP, etc.(approximately): Roughly 100 hours out of my 250 total garry’s mod hours
How long I have played at E.N.D. Gaming (approximately): 50 hours (Rough estimate)

How long I can play the server for per week (approximately): About 15 hours a week minimum

How long I pledge to play as 'Staff on Duty' for per week (approximately): I am willing to do it whenever the need arises.

Why is it important to give respect to our patrons, even if they don't respect you? (at least 50 words): The staff are important yes and need respected, but if the players aren’t respected they will give the server a negative atmosphere and then no one will want to play on the server.

Why is it important to use correct grammar in the public? (at least 50 words) It is important to use correct grammar everywhere but especially in public where you have people looking to you for guidance and an example of how to act. If someone who is setting an example for others uses bad grammar then they will be tempted to do the same and then soon no one is using correct grammar.

In a democratic environment, why is it important to respect everyone's opinion? (at least 25 words) Everyone has a voice that needs to be heard. If someone’s opinion and thoughts aren’t respected then they will not speak up even when there is something important they can add to a conversation as they will think their opinion and thoughts don’t matter.

How will I aim to maintain professionalism everywhere? Act as if someone was watching my every move (not in a creepy way) and was judging me on my actions.

What is RDM? Give an example. RDM stands for Random Deathmatch and is when a player is killed by another player without a reason. Example: If a scavenger kills someone who isn’t tribal and hasn’t done anything to that player then the scavenger has RDM'd.

What is NLR? Give an example. New Life Rule, you can’t go back to where you died and you don’t remember anything about your previous life. Example: If someone is killed by another player and it isn’t RDM or an accident then NLR is active and they can’t go back to where they died for 3 minutes.

What is Prop Abuse? Give an example. Prop abuse is using props to kill someone, prop surf (riding on props that are being moved), or spawning props in locations to block other players without giving them a way to circumvent the prop. Example: Bases that can’t be raided as immovable props block the entrance, a player kills another with a prop, a player uses a Physics gun to move a prop while they are on it.

Why would I be unique in what I do? (40 words minimum) I can be fun but I will also try to keep others from breaking the rules at the same time. I will be fair but just and use justice and mercy equally. I won’t abuse power given to me and will do my best to use that power to fulfill all tasks I am given.

Why the community would appreciate & trust me in this role (60 words minimum): I am not a hypocrite and will follow the rules I enforce while still trying to have fun and allow others to have fun too. I am on a lot and can help deal with the problems as they start and keep them from getting out of control. I do not want to rule but to guide and help whenever I am able to. I don’t want to abuse any power I am given I want to use it to help everyone.

If I could make a change to E.N.D. Gaming, it would be: Nothing, it is fine the way it is and doesn’t need to change.

Re: Wasd's Application - Yuki - 07-21-2015

I'd prefer to see a suggested change, but you pass. Don't forget, I WILL be watching your every move... Wink