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I am always pumped up after every Steelers victory. I especially
enjoy the one o’clock contests because I have all afternoon after a victory to just sit back Youth Terrell Edmunds Jersey , relax, and enjoy the rest of the games the league has to offer. Sunday afternoon featured a couple of strong match ups. First up was the Saints vs. the Rams, then the Sunday Night Football game was the Packers v.s the Patriots. Both games featured a plethora of superstar players and talented squads. However, even with all the precision football on display in each contest, one play in particular stuck out in my mind.At one point of the Packers/Patriots game, Packer’s defensive lineman Mike Daniels quickly dispatched with his blocker and had a clean run at Patriots living legend QB Tom Brady. Brady noticed Daniels barreling toward him just as he completed his drop back, thus triggering his fight or flight instinct. Brady quickly made a self preservation decision and dropped to the ground in the fetal position as Daniels flew over his quivering body. I had to chuckle seeing Brady curled up on the ground. Brady is widely regarded as the ultimate competitor, but he would never be confused as a tough guy. His motto is better to throw the ball away than take the crushing blow. Live to fight another day, or at least the next play. That philosophy has worked out pretty well for him so far in his career.Watching Brady’s less than courageous, albeit intelligent, display brought to mind this upcoming Panthers/Steelers game and the QBs who will be leading each squad. Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger are not your typical QBs. They are the biggest, strongest, and toughest players at their position that the NFC and AFC have to offer. The rules committee didn’t have these two guys in mind when the new rules designed to protect the quarterbacks were created. Cam and Ben are ultimate warriors on the field. I can’t imagine a scenario where either man would ever assume the fetal position on the battlefield. It is not in their DNA. They are abnormally large individuals who love to play the game. That is about where their similarities end.Cam Newton has been blessed with incredible athleticism and physicality. He won the 2015 MVP Award. He is the ultimate power QB the league has ever seen. There have been plenty of dual threat QBs through the years, players like Michael Vick and Steve Young, but there has never been a QB quite like Cam Newton. He is a power runner Youth Maurkice Pouncey Jersey , looking to punish any defender attempting to tackle him. He breaks tackles like a running back, which puts incredible pressure on opposing defenses, especially when they are required to turn their backs to him in man coverage. This helps their offensive line as the pass rush looks to keep him in the pocket instead of pinning their ears back without hesitation. Newton also has a cannon for an arm, so while he may still be learning to put some touch on his throws, his overall excellence is tough to contain.What more can be said about Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger? A true gunslinger in the mold of Brett Favre and John Elway. A gladiator who has mastered the art of backyard football brilliance. The never say die, keep the play alive, make something out of nothing through the shear power of will. Ben can make you throw the remote in disgust on one series, only to jump out of your seat in ecstasy the next. There have been other QBs who have possessed similar skill sets to Big Ben, I mentioned a couple earlier, but he has one attribute that is unique to him alone. Ben has incredible size, strength, and competitiveness. Defenders marvel at this combination. Ravens LB Terrell Suggs respects Ben the warrior as much as he hates Ben the Steeler. Countless pass rushers confess they attack Ben’s throwing arm and the ball because of his propensity to shrug or shake off blitzers. Ben is a two time Super Bowl champion, a future Hall of Famer, and the face of the franchise. Ben is well respected around the league, and it was hard earned.Thursday night’s game appears to be a interesting match up between playoff contending teams sporting impressive winning streaks. Which QB will be able to impose his will on the opposition? Which style will prove more effective in the end? Ben is the more accomplished passer for sure T. J. Watt Jersey , and is surrounded by the more talented team. That should give the Steelers the edge in this game.The greater concern this game lies with the Steelers defense. They have to adhere to their defensive integrity and tackling techniques. Blown assignments and missed tackles may very well decide this game. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ season is over, but if you think the news surrounding the black-and-gold is over — think again. For the drama-filled Steelers, things are just heating up, and this is where the daily links article comes in. You might have missed some key news, and we fill you in and give you the latest, and sometimes greatest, news surrounding the Steelers.Today in the Black-and-gold links article we take a look at the question of whether the Steelers are the most underachieving team in the last decade. I mean, think about the talent which has gone through the doors at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex in the last 10 years. And think about how little they have to show for it. After all, this team doesn’t just play for a good record, they play for championships — and they haven’t been able to capture one of those sine 2009.Let’s get to the news:Tim Benz: Steelers should be better than Mike Tomlin has made themBy: Tim Benz, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewArguing about whether the Pittsburgh Steelers should keep Mike Tomlin is more volatile than any political discussion I can fathom.Give me a nice, quiet conversation about border walls, health care, gun control, government shutdowns or Hillary’s emails any day.Those are far less contentious topics.Sides have been drawn. Heels are dug in. You are pro-Tomlin or anti-Tomlin.There is no gray area anymore. I tried to live in it for a while.Like a decade or so.Frankly Authentic Chukwuma Okorafor Jersey , there should be a middle ground. Because Tomlin has a resume worth defending: two Super Bowl trips with one victory, six division titles, 12 years without a losing season.However, over the last decade, that resume also includes almost as many seasons without the playoffs (four) as with them (six). Only three of those 10 seasons have featured at least one postseason win.Most disturbingly, those seven seasons without a playoff victory have come during a stretch of time when the Steelers have had the NFL’s most coveted possession: a Hall of Fame quarterback. That’s not to mention scores of other talented players over the years.Just look at this failed 2018 season. A team good enough to be 7-2-1 beyond the halfway point blew numerous leads, occasionally against inferior teams. As a result, it’s sitting at home, eliminated short of the playoffs.It’s tough to fault the construction of the roster or the individual accomplishments of its players. The team boasts six Pro Bowlers, which doesn’t even include:鈥?The team MVP: JuJu Smith-Schuster鈥?The 5,000-yard passer: Ben Roethlisberger鈥?The guy many consider to be the best defensive player on the roster: Joe Haden鈥?The linebacker with the eighth-best sack total in the league: T.J. WattWhen talent of that caliber fails to win, a lot of the blame should fall on the coach. And none of that is to mention the embarrassment bestowed upon the organization with his failure to manage his ego-driven stars.Many of those key players generating negative headlines and distractions on a weekly basis — Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon Bell — received only the slightest of discipline or public admonishment from Tomlin. In fact, he was often their biggest defender.Why stop at the roster? Extend criticism of off-field behavior to his past and present assistant coaches http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers....eva-jersey , such as Todd Haley and Joey Porter.For all those reasons, I’m now in favor of a change. I think the Steelers should be better.And I’m phrasing that way for a reason. I truly believe that. The Steelers SHOULD ... BE ... BETTER.In many ways.What would be fantasy impact of Steelers trading Antonio Brown?By: Tim Benz, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewWhen it comes to all this Antonio Brown controversy, as JuJu Smith-Schuster might say, let’s get to the real important stuff: Fantasy Football.If Brown gets traded, there will be some major waves in the fantasy sports world.So, during our weekly fantasy sports podcast with Jeff Erickson of Rotowire, we dive into the potential fantasy impact of a Brown trade.LISTEN: What would be the fantasy impact of Antonio Brown trade?Also, we talk about that ripple effect would go for Smith-Schuster and Ben Roethlisberger.We then give you some NFL postseason fantasy league advice. Daily fantasy play is active when the playoffs hit, too.Carter’s Classroom: Ditch Brown? OK, then what?By: Chris Carter, DKPittsburghSportsWell, I planned on writing about the Steelers’ inadequacies and beginning the postseason evaluation process to see what was better and worse about the 2018 season. There’s a lot that went into the team’s regression from 13-3 to 9-6-1, so I’ve been excited to dive into that.And then, Antonio Brown happened. So that will have to wait a bit.You’ve read Dejan Kovacevic’s column on Mike Tomlin’s accountability http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers....tro-jersey , or lack thereof, and Dale Lolley’s account of the challenge the Steelers face with the crossroads Brown has created. But let’s face the reality of what his departure might mean for the future of the offense.First, let’s look at how central Brown has been to the Steelers’ offense over the years. This season, he became the first NFL wide receiver with six consecutive seasons with 100 or more receptions, and arguably has the best six year run of any wide receiver in NFL history: 686 receptions for 9,145 yards and 67 touchdowns.It’s worth noting that 2018 was the first time Brown accounted for less than 25 percent of the Steelers’ overall targets since 2012.Since Brown became the No. 1 receiver for the Steelers in 2013, the player that got the closest to the number of targets he received in any season was Emmanuel Sanders back in 2013, when he was targeted 113 times compared to Brown’s 167.But in 2018, JuJu Smith-Schuster accounted for 166 targets while Brown accounted for 168. That difference helped Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers’ offense become less predictable and open up other opportunities.If Brown is not part of the team in 2018 and not replaced by another superstar wide receiver, it will change how defenses plan for the Steelers and take away Roethlisberger’s biggest advantages against opposing defenses. You only have to look at the last two games of this season to see the difference in the offense with and without Brown.(To read more, click the link in the headline...) Custom Washington Redskins Jerseys

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