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Mod Application for Alouansii
RP name: Alouansii
Steam link:
Why I want to be moderator: Because the server needs a few more late night mods, and it doesn't seem like the server has any at the moment.
What I will use moderator for: To keep the server protected from those that would create chaos and to help the server grow with the help of moderators who truly care about the server.
A suggestion to improve the server: There's not really much to do with the server, though if I had to pick something, it's to get a better map, though I think that's already being taken care of.
My in game hours on the server (Measured by UTime): Current time is about 2 days, but I've been playing since the Toshiro name, so that time is far from correct.

(Optional creative question):
You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density. You are then thrown into an empty glass blender. The blades will start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?

What would I do?  I would disassemble the blades if I could, or, use my weight to tilt the thing over, if all else fails, put my head to the blades to make things quick.

Jesus, I'm so sorry about the color.
I've talked to him in game. Seems friendly enough, doesn't seem like a bad choice.
I'm in favor of it, but would like to allow time for other people to comment.
I agree to favor it
Accepted, promoted. Make sure to know and enforce the rules~

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