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Nikko's Application
RP Name:
Steam Name (at present)Big Grin3 | Nikko
Steam ID (eg: STEAM_1:2:3456789): STEAM_0:0:39381971

Country of Residence: United States of America.
Languages I can 'meet & greet' in: English, And very little Arabic.
Languages I am fluent in: English

My (written) English on a scale of 1-10: 9.9

My Date of Birth: December 27, 1999
Current Education (if applicable): currently attending high school as a Junior in the Junior ROTC program.

Do you have a microphone? Yes.

Describe yourself & your personality in 150 characters: I am a type of person that would protect a friend if they are in trouble or a person that is being made fun of. A person that knows the true meaning of being a friend. I am, In my opinion, Fun to be with, respectful, Disciplined. Do what I am asked to do.

Section 2: Experience Profile
This section tells you about my experience with communities.
I've played Garry's Mod for quite some time, I've played multiple servers, as well as own one. When I first join a server, I usually get to know the community as well as the staff as best as I can. And if I am lucky, I meet the owner and become good friends with them. I am friendly with the community.
Communities I have administrated/moderated in the past:
I've moderated Gworlds as well as administrated, Administrated Triflux military rp, and senior administrated Triflux. I've taken watch over multiple server's while the owner was gone for either vacation, or reasons unknown.

My Summary of 'Zombie RP' and the basic rules in at least 100 words:
Do not RDM (random death match)
Do not NLR ( New Life Rule)
Do not prop-block ( Don't cover any entrance with a prop to a point a player cannot enter or exit)
Must respect all staff members.
Do not threaten the server in anyway such as: "I am going to DDOS the server" or "I'm gonna hack to a point no one can play correctly".
Must not harass anyone in any way.
Do not prob abuse: prop kill, Prop surf.
No inappropriate sprays (porn, Anything that may be disturbing to the community)
Only players with the job "thief" or "ganster" in there name.
Do not exploit glitches.
May not kill in spawn or spawn camp. Goes for tribal spawn as well.
Do not impersonate and staff member, Including pretending to be the owner..

How long I have played Garry's Mod:
I have played Garry's Mod for about, I wanna say since Garry's Mod 10.
How long I have played a RP Gamemode, such as DarkRP, ZombieRP, PERP, etc.(approximately):For about 2-4 years, Back when Just for Fun Gaming was around
How long I have played at E.N.D. Gaming (approximately):I would want to say around 2 and a half to 3 and a half weeks.

How long I can play the server for per week (approximately): A week, 105 hours.

How long I pledge to play as 'Staff on Duty' for per week (approximately):75 hours a week.

Section 3: Relationship with Users
This section tells you about how I will communicate with other users and present myself in the public.

Why is it important to give respect to our patrons, even if they don't respect you? (at least 50 words) I believe it is important to give respect to our patrons, Even if they do not respect you back because, If I were to give disrespect to a patron, They can start to: 1, Disrespect the community, 2: Give the server a bad word, Or even convince others not to donate to the community as well as tell them: " Don't play on this server, the staff there is disrespectful.." If we do not give respect they will not give respect back or give us a good word.

Why is it important to use correct grammar in the public? (at least 50 words)
I think it is important to use correct grammar in public so that people know that you are smart, and people in the community or public can take you seriously, and not treat you differently than others, ( not saying they should treat anyone differently, Everyone is equal.)
In a democratic environment, why is it important to respect everyone's opinion? (at least 25 words) So that no arguments start, everyone is calm, and you can settle manners correctly. No fights will start, As well as ruin friendships. Everything is under control.

How will I aim to maintain professionalism everywhere?
Take things seriously, Take the job seriously, As well enforce the rules as best as I can. But treat people the same and have fun with them. NO one will take you seriously if you do not be professional.

Section 4: My Past
This section discusses bans I have had in the past (if any) and what I have done to ensure that I no longer infringe upon the rules.

If you have never been punished for in game/forum offenses - please skip this section.

How many times have you been banned/warned before?
On this server, ZRP. I have never been banned or warned. But I can say on other servers i have been warn only once.
If you have, please explain what happened.
On this one server military rp, The concept was to give other fraction if you were in war. The commander declared war on another fraction, I killed a few players, then went AFK. When I returned, I did not know that the commander called the war off. keep in mind i was gone for about 10 min. So I went out and killed more players. I got pulled by an admin and was warned for my mistakes. But i learned from them.

Why I now realize that it is important to have strong knowledge of the rules and follow them religiously: So that you can enforce them to other players if they broke the rules, and it is good for you to remember them just in case you break a rule.

Section 5: My knowledge of the rules
This section explains the RP rules.

What is RDM? Give an example.
Random death match. I come on the server, pull out a gun, and randomly kill anyone I see. Including the one's in spawn
What is NLR? Give an example.
New Life Rule. I killed a player in a building, When he dies, he has no memory of when he died, how he died or where he died. He starts a whole new life. He can return to a building after a certain amount of time. Depending on how long the NLR is.
What is Prop Abuse? Give an example.
Prop abuse can be expressed in many ways. A few ways is prop-block. I would take a prop and block every entrance way and exit so that people cannot enter or exit. Another example would be prop climb, and prop surf.

Section 6: Why I should be a staff member:
This section is me selling myself to you for my qualities and promises on how I will moderate effectively and fairly.

Why would I be unique in what I do? (40 words minimum)
In my opinion, Others may say differently. I would be unique because, I would enforce the rules as best as I can. And will get rid of any serious rule breakers. I would stay staff on duty, and help any new player get used to the community as well as get used to how to play ZRP correctly.
Why the community would appreciate & trust me in this role (60 words minimum):
I believe that the community would appreciate me and trust me because, I am honest, hard working, and will devote time into the server as well as help it the best way I can. Will show best dedication to our community in all ways. Would show my best respect to staff as well as treat everyone equally.

If I could make a change to E.N.D. Gaming, it would be: To me, I would not change anything on the server. Everything is perfect, This server has great staff members, The RDM's are being handled as fast as possible, The only thing I would change is, where some roles spawn. Like the combine should spawn in a different place than scavengers.

Any other comments, etc:
I have gotten into a problem with a player known as norman, He has claimed that i have harrased him, By showing his face and personal information. I can 100% assure you that, that is not true. I can get witnesses to back my up on this statement. I have also been told that norman has told other admins/ staff members that when I owned my own server, I always abused my power, And I am a "Dick" as he said in his own words. I can assure you this is not true what so ever. I am a respectful person and professional. Norman was talking about my little brother, and well as sending me "Sexual moans and groans". I am just giving you this information to back up my case, Because norman has told lies. If you would like to speak with me about this case, You can pm me Via Steam. Thanks. :mrgreen:
Accepted, though some of your word counts were lacking.

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