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Moderator Application (Number 2)
Section 1: Credentials
This section tells you about who I am.

RP Name: Kittenkat
Steam Name (at present): Kittenkat
Steam ID : (STEAM_0:1:110401028)
Country of Residence: U.S.A.
Languages I can 'meet & greet' in: English
Languages I am fluent in: English and ASL

My (written) English on a scale of 1-10:

My Date of Birth: 
February 17 2000

Current Education (if applicable): 
High school (Currently enrolled)

Do you have a microphone?
 I currently own a microphone.

Describe yourself & your personality in 150 characters: 
 I would describe myslef as; Kind, understanding, patient, enthusiastic, outgoing, artistic, sarcastic, generous, welcoming, comforting, and persistent.

Section 2: Experience Profile
This section tells you about my experience with communities.

Communities I have administrated/moderated in the past:
 In the past I have moderated various Roblox servers.

My Summary of 'Zombie RP' and the basic rules in at least 100 words:
  Zombie RP is a role play game where you are able to be various jobs, build awesome bases, and kill some zombies. Of course you have to respect the rules such as: The new life rule's (NLR) which permits you for going to a place you died in during a raid for three miinutes.The random death match rules (RDM) which is where if you are anything besides tribal or in a Combine and Resistance battle, you are un-able to kill another player on purpose. As well as various rules on prop spam, prop surfing, which characters you can use to raid, and crashing the server.

How long I have played Garry's Mod: 
I have 189 hours on Garry's Mod to date.

How long I have played a RP Gamemode, such as DarkRP, ZombieRP, PER, etc.(approximately):
 I have around 180 hours.

How long I have played at E.N.D. Gaming (approximately):
 I have 164 hours currently on Zombie RP.

How long I can play the server for per week (approximately): 
I can for sure play 7 hours plus per week.

How long I pledge to play as 'Staff on Duty' for per week (approximately):
 I can pledge to be Staff on Duty at least 5 hours a week.

Section 3: Relationship with Users
This section tells you about how I will communicate with other users and present myself in the public. 

Why is it important to give respect to our patrons, even if they don't respect you? (at least 50 words)
 Respect is important to give to all people no matter the disrespect shown. To maintain your professionalism respect is a key element. Maintaining respect shows that your able to handle any situation thrown at you.

Why is it important to use correct grammar in the public? (at least 50 words) 
Grammar is a very easy thing to mess up, yet if you notice you have made a mistake it is better to fix it then just let it slide. Not only is it poor communication skills, but you can accidentally type something that you didn't mean, or if what you said is MIS-understood, it is easy to have problems escalate from them. No one likes conversing with someone who talks or types like an 8 year old girl.

In a democratic environment, why is it important to respect everyone's opinion? (at least 25 words) 
Touching back on respect, it is just as important to respect peoples' opinions. It's easy to get carried away with your own thoughts and actions, but you should always respect your peers opinions. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

How will I aim to maintain professionalism everywhere?
 I will maintain my professionalism through my work as a player, moderator or not. It is always important to be professional but have some fun too. I won't let any situation get the best of me, I will help others to the best of my abilities, and I will help Zombie RP grown in the Garry's Mod community.

Section 4: My Past

Section 5: My knowledge of the rules
This section explains the RP rules. In Zombie RP there are several rules. 
You have the New Life Rule (NLR), which is where you have to wait to go back to a raid for three minutes. There is Random death match (RDM), this is when you are neither in a Combine and Resistance batter, nor a tribal, and you still kill a random player. There are as well many rules on prop surfing, prop spam, server crashing, job switching after an offense, one way doors, keypads, locked down bases, spawn killing, KOS signs, and more.

What is RDM? Give an example. 
Random Death Match, also known as RDM is an offense where the play is neither combine-resistance or a tribal, and has killed a player without reason. An example would be of a doctor who randomly kills a scavenger, he had no reason, and he is not allowed to kill other players. This is a warn-able, ban-able, and a kick-able offense.

What is NLR? Give an example.
 The New Life Rule, also known as NLR. is an offence where the player is subjected to going back to a location within three minutes of their death during a raid. Although this is in place for everything it is mainly used for subjecting during a raid. For example a combine was raided at their base was killed and ran back while NLR was still applicable. This could get him a warning, and if done enough times a kick or a ban.

What is Prop Abuse? Give an example.
 Prop abuse can be considered to be many things, ranging from prop spam to prop surfing. Props are used to build a base, end of story, if they are used for anything else you can get in some deep trouble. Just as if a player spawned in a prop and decided to kill a player with it he would be making both an RDM (depending) and Prop abuse and would get one to two warnings.

Section 6: Why I should be a staff member:
This section is me selling myself to you for my qualities and promises on how I will moderate effectively and fairly.

Why would I be unique in what I do? (40 words minimum)
 I feel that I am already a very unique individual. I am full of love and compassion for the things that I do. I'd love to help shape Zombie RP and make it one of the best servers around. I have high hopes for myself, and I dedicate myself to things that I personally find important. I feel as being apart of the staff team I believe I would be able to help show how high quality the staff is on the server, and bring ideas to the board that benefits everyone.

Why the community would appreciate & trust me in this role (60 words minimum):
 I am active in the community and I know what I'm doing. I believe the community can see that in me and they will trust me to help them have the best gameplay experience, as well as have fun. By being a moderator it would if anything make me even more active in the community and get even more involved, which would make me a better player and bring more appreciation from the people towards not only me but the server too.

If I could make a change to E.N.D. Gaming, it would be: 
I love Zombie RP as it is but I think having some sort of difference in the map would be a nice change. 
Thank you for your time and consideration. 
Why is it important to give respect to our patrons, even if they don't respect you? (at least 50 words) <-- 35 words
Other than that, very well done. This application is much easier to read the your first.


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