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Is it better, an old house or a new house?
Those who want to buy a house with a certain budget have two options, so your decision must be made based on your daily needs, and you will have two options:
 An old house that is easily accessible in the city center or one of the new and modern homes built in areas that has recently started developing can be preferred. When choosing between these two options, the question here is:

Is the house to be purchased for investment or use
Those who wish to purchase a second home or purchase a home for investment purposes even if it is not habitable,
First they find it makes sense to find a home that fits their budget. Since they want to
Leveraging their current savings or making profits without reducing their living standards

There are two criteria for choosing any house:
First Criterion:
Which is the geography of the property and its proximity to transportation and educational centers.

Second Criterion:
It is the probability of increasing the price of the chosen home and thus making a profit.
In general, the decision is made
According to the current financial capabilities, and by comparing house prices in the city center and the newly formed areas,
It is noted that the newly established areas have more reasonable rates.

Homes in areas that are starting to develop are newer and naturally bear traces of modern architecture.
Since it is open to development
It is estimated that these areas will enjoy different opportunities in terms of education and transportation as the city grows.
For those who wish to purchase a home for investment purposes, purchasing new homes in open areas for development seems to be a
more logical option.

translated from:
استشارات قانونية عقارية
تعلم الاستثمار العقاري
الاستثمار العقاري في دبي للاجانب

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