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Staff Application
Section 1: Credentials

This section tells you about who I am.

RP Name: XxNM17xX
Steam Name (at present): XxNM17xX
Steam ID (eg: STEAM_1:2:3456789): STEAM_0:0:34279190

Country of Residence: 'Muricah *America*
Languages I can 'meet & greet' in: English
Languages I am fluent in: English

My (written) English on a scale of 1-10: 8

My Date of Birth: 8/5/1997
Current Education (if applicable): High School

Do you have a microphone? Yes

Describe yourself & your personality in 150 characters: As with any Gmod Rper, dislikes rdming and injustice. Believes in compromise and the betterment and equal treatment of staff and players alike. Promotes RP more than Real Action FPS. Can create stories for factions and not make a generic "Bandit" or "War" party.

Section 2: Experience Profile
This section tells you about my experience with communities.

Communities I have administrated/moderated in the past: I'm new to this.

My Summary of 'Zombie RP' and the basic rules in at least 100 words: ZombieRP is a gamemode in which a multitude of survivors join up to fight off the living dead promoting RP more than gunplay. Rules: No RDM *Unless class permits it*, don't break NLR, don't threaten the server, no harassment, no prop abuse, no bypassing rules with laws, no false admin reports, and don't be a dick. Tongue 

How long I have played Garry's Mod: 874hrs
How long I have played a RP Gamemode, such as DarkRP, ZombieRP, PERP, etc.(approximately): 6 weeks
How long I have played at E.N.D. Gaming (approximately): 1 day.....

How long I can play the server for per week (approximately): 5 days

How long I pledge to play as 'Staff on Duty' for per week (approximately): 5 days

Section 3: Relationship with Users

This section tells you about how I will communicate with other users and present myself in the public. Respecting other players while expecting the same. I will communicate peacefully to try to resolve the issue.

Why is it important to give respect to our patrons, even if they don't respect you? (at least 50 words) It's important to set an example for other players as well as staff.

Why is it important to use correct grammar in the public? (at least 50 words) Again, set the example for other players and staff.

In a democratic environment, why is it important to respect everyone's opinion? (at least 25 words) It's important because you can't hold another player's opinion over another. That's favoritism and that's how you lose players.

How will I aim to maintain professionalism everywhere? By promoting compromise and keeping everyone together without causing any uprisings.

Section 4: My Past
This section discusses bans I have had in the past (if any) and what I have done to ensure that I no longer infringe upon the rules.

If you have never been punished for in game/forum offenses - please skip this section.

How many times have you been banned/warned before?

If you have, please explain what happened.

Why I now realize that it is important to have strong knowledge of the rules and follow them religiously:

Why I am sorry, and it will not happen again:

Section 5: My knowledge of the rules
This section explains the RP rules.

What is RDM? Give an example. RDM=RandomDeathmatch. *Player randomly kills another.

What is NLR? Give an example. NLR=NewLifeRule *Once you die, you're a new person. No past memory and can't go back to the area of your previous death for 3 mins.

What is Prop Abuse? Give an example. Prop Abuse=Using a prop to gain an advantage. *A player pushes another off a cliff with a fridge, a player surfs on a prop to reach a rooftop.

Section 6: Why I should be a staff member:
This section is me selling myself to you for my qualities and promises on how I will moderate effectively and fairly.

Why would I be unique in what I do? (40 words minimum) I've never once seen *Besides on this server* an admin actually take care of a problem without drawing it out for an hour. I've always been sick of the drama, so when I see a problem, I always send in a referral immediately and the problem gets solved. I want to be able to contribute with that even further by solving problems fast and promoting a great and immersive RP environment. 

Why the community would appreciate & trust me in this role (60 words minimum): I always try to look for a win-win outcome for both parties in a situation, I think the community would love to have another staff member to help with that. Trust, now that takes time and interaction with the community itself. I'd have to prove myself further on that aspect.

If I could make a change to E.N.D. Gaming, it would be: I haven't seen anything wrong yet.

Any other comments, etc: Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you accept me as part of the team. Smile
Denied. You may want to work on your time played and word count.

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