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Report for 030
Please add me on steam to talk about it on Steam, it's ISIS Fire Dabbing or The dropbox for the .dem. To play .dems go into Gmod, Press the keys Shift + F2 and load the directory.
I would prefer if we talked about the problem through Steam calling anyways so that way we won't have to back and forth talk through any PM system or so.

We're searching through a building as combine and 030 is on duty. He switches to Resistance Jugger and kills both of us. He spawns locks us in and if we attempt to leave we are dealt with shortly. We switch classes and play for a bit. He goes Tribal Chief and goes around to kill us once again. We're spawn locked again so we just sit in spawn at this point. They start to push us around and try to push us out of spawn. They actually push an AFKer out of spawn and kill him as well.
Sorry, but I don't see anything in here where he's breaking the rules. Everything he had done *as far as I'm seeing* was completely within the rules.

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