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My wonderful ban appeal.
My in game name is Oh Cupcakes.

Reason I got banned: For being an ass hole, and baited a staff for which should've been on my custom job although I thought I had 2 jobs as Oh Rockits and Reaper Skin.
I explained to JoDa (the guy who banned me aka the owner)
Never tell your password to anyone.
Friday, July 10, 2015
Starh <3 Bans: Joda
Yuki F: wat
Starh <3 Bans: The VIP's trucks are broken.
Starh <3 Bans: When you hop out, then re-enter it puts you in the passanger side.
Starh <3 Bans: Also it's very complicated to get inside them.
Yuki F: and?
Yuki F: You got permed
Starh <3 Bans: 0_0
Yuki F: I really didn't appreciate you baiting a mod to break the rules
Starh <3 Bans: HP?
Yuki F: no
Starh <3 Bans: Killfair?
Yuki F: tyrone:?
Yuki F: he's permed too
Starh <3 Bans: I baitied kill fair?
Yuki F: I have chat logs you know
Yuki F: tyrone*
Starh <3 Bans: Of course I know.
Starh <3 Bans: I never baited Tyrone.
Starh <3 Bans: And if I did.
Starh <3 Bans: Why the hell is he banned? He literally did nothing wrong.
Yuki F: he spawned you a weapon that isn't in the jail
Yuki F: in the game*
Yuki F: multiple times
Starh <3 Bans: A light saber
Yuki F: Part of the reason you're permed is your personality
Yuki F: part of it is the baiting
Yuki F: part of it is shit on the old server
Starh <3 Bans: I never baited a staff.
Yuki F: You asked him to spawn you a weapon
Starh <3 Bans: Yes
Starh <3 Bans: And?
Starh <3 Bans: My custom job didn't have a weapon
Yuki F: so?
Starh <3 Bans: I paid for one that did.
Yuki F: that wouldn't have been available anyway
Starh <3 Bans: Well, you didn't reply to my messages so how did I know?
Yuki F: I was asleep
Yuki F: derp
Yuki F: went to sleep about this time
Starh <3 Bans: Okay, still you don't have the right for saying I baited him for just asking for a light saber.
Starh <3 Bans: The weapon is shitty anyways. All I did is jump around.
Yuki F: What do you mean "right"?
Starh <3 Bans: I'm saying you really can't say I baited him.
Starh <3 Bans: For a fucking weapon
Yuki F: I actually can
Starh <3 Bans: That I should of had on my custom job.
Starh <3 Bans: That's fucking retarded Joda.
Yuki F: plus
Yuki F: donator carried over from the old server
Yuki F: so could some offenses
Yuki F: that weren't brought to light
Starh <3 Bans: It's not like I was massive rdming. The only peopled I killed are machine, killfair, norman, and Sliq I believe his name is. And we were all having a good fight.
Yuki F: not what I mean
Yuki F: I'm not going to argue about this
Yuki F: You were banned for rule C15
Yuki F: if nothing else
Starh <3 Bans: I am because I spent around $100
Yuki F: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Yuki F: I can just block you then
Yuki F: lol
Yuki F: and delete
Yuki F: I need space on my steam
Yuki F: keep getting full lists
Starh <3 Bans: I'll be sure to get staff on the millitary rp.
Starh <3 Bans: Because they won't ban me for no fucking reason.
Yuki F: Okay
Starh <3 Bans: Ad perma?
Starh <3 Bans: Really?
Yuki F: Yes
Yuki F: Your personality is toxic
Yuki F: toxicity of that level
Yuki F: should not be allowed on any server
Starh <3 Bans: All I do is play around on your server. I'm fucking tired I stayed up all fucking night is to farm.
Yuki F: but sadly is most of the time
Starh <3 Bans: How the fuck was I toxic.
Yuki F: Not that way
Yuki F: You feel entitled
Yuki F: it's hard for me to explain
Yuki F: so
Starh <3 Bans: Being banned for baiting a fucking staff? Wrong. I never had a fucking gun like I paid for. I also was missing my other custom job.
Yuki F: I labled it as c15
Starh <3 Bans: I'm not being an ass hole.
Yuki F: lel
Yuki F: so
Starh <3 Bans: Joda, you banning me for being Toxic. I never yelled at you today. I was completely calm and just told you bugs. I even apologized to HP.
Yuki F: getting a staff member permed for no reason
Starh <3 Bans: That's not my choice
Yuki F: was not toxic?
Starh <3 Bans: That's yours.
Yuki F: You had him spawn weapons
Yuki F: I permed dale for that
Starh <3 Bans: Joda
Yuki F: well
Starh <3 Bans: Your not reading.
Yuki F: not just spawn weapons
Yuki F: but possibly put non available weapons into circulation
Yuki F: what?
Starh <3 Bans: Okay, you are aware the light saber does 35 damage, you should also know the only thing I would do is jump with it.
Yuki F: also can set people on fire
Yuki F: lel
Yuki F: appeal on the forums
Yuki F: not here
Starh <3 Bans: I don't know how to do that, I only know left click and right click.
Starh <3 Bans: What is the difference?
Yuki F: Forums are public
Yuki F: appealing in a private chat isn't the best idea imo
Yuki F: since I already announced this stuff
Starh <3 Bans: I don't care for the fucking forums. I care about a) getting my fucking money back b) Being able to use my VIP.
Yuki F: though
Yuki F: get shinoda to do it
Yuki F: I say no
Yuki F: shinoda, bats, izzy
Starh <3 Bans: How about Hades?
Yuki F: hades is no longer the right rank
Starh <3 Bans: Also
Yuki F: oh
Yuki F: bobby too
Yuki F: aka pandasauce
Starh <3 Bans: Mods should not have the power to spawn weapons, espically if you can't use a light saber.
Yuki F: I had that available for one day
Yuki F: due to my being exhausted from over 30 hours of staying up
Yuki F: already fixed it today
Starh <3 Bans: Maybe you should make that rule 1) number 1. Instead of hiding that bs.
Yuki F: it isn't hidden
Yuki F: the rules are there in the order I thought of them
Starh <3 Bans: Yeah and that rule is retarded.
Starh <3 Bans: And you banning Tyrone?
Starh <3 Bans: Was that neccesary?
Yuki F: to be honest
Yuki F: he's the only one I was planning to unban
Yuki F: if appealed
Starh <3 Bans: Why not give him a warning.
Starh <3 Bans: Just like you did to me.
Yuki F: I banned you
Yuki F: not warning
Yuki F: brb

Apparently I got one of my friends banned for giving me a weapon that mods should not have access too, and also he gave me a weapon like I said should've been on my custom class he gave me a light saber which does 34 damage a hit, and I really didn't use it. HP, Tyrone, and Killfair knew that they knew I just jump around with it. And if you can't use a light saber why are there pointless downloads? A simple warning would of done the job, they are mods they are learning your expectations.

Why I won't do it again: Well if there is a weapon on my custom class I won't need to do it again.... And for being an ass, which I wasn't to JoDa as you can see at the copy and paste right above. Which also leads me to unbanning Tyrone, because he literally did nothing wrong, all he did is give me a weapon that he SHOULD NOT have access too because my job did not have a single weapon other then a shitty machete and a light saber does the same exact damage just a cooler color and you can jump higher and further (Which I loved when I was a staff on Toshiro with the parachutes).
I will shorten your ban to a week ban. Tell me on steam what you want on your class. You get a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and two tools. All of these have to be on current classes in the game. If you want to change the name or model, please include that too.
I don't really care to tell the truth, I have no idea what's on the server now since I only played 16 hours of it, and it's changed from the old server. The neon weapons are gone.
And Joda:
TEAM_CCC2 = AddExtraTeam("ReaperSkin Cupcakes", {
color = Color(0, 0, 255, 255),
model = "models/player/gman_high.mdl",
description = [[Like foreskin but better!]]--,
--[[ weapons = { "kf_scar_neon_fas", "kf_flare_revolver_fas", "pro_lockpick"},
command = "ccc2",
max = 1,
salary = 10000,
admin = 0,
vote = false,
hasLicense = false,
mayorCanSetSalary = false,
customCheck = function(ply) return ply:SteamID() == "STEAM_0:0:85227771" end

Never mind I'll just tell you what I want in steam or just send you the old script for my old job :3

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