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Tyrone C Picker
Reason for ban: "Abusing Mod"~Joda

What happened, or at least what I think he's annoyed about:
I gave Starh (AKA Nicolas Cage, a Donator ranked on server) a Lightsaber upon spawn, as his Custom Class's weapon was removed from the server. He held his rank, his job, but not his weapon. I attempted to Contact Joda before this, but he was asleep or elsewhere for the hours this occurred. So I compromised and gave him the Lightsaber. I thought this was a simple temporary solution to a semi-long-term problem. Upon Joda's return I would tell him about the broken class and what I did to compensate for the time being. Went to sleep about 12:30pm Central, Joda came back around 1pm, as seen from his PM's to me on Skype.
[1:18:50 PM] Yukimura Fuyuko: don't spawn people weapons
[1:18:55 PM] Yukimura Fuyuko: good way to get demoted
[1:18:56 PM] Yukimura Fuyuko: and banned
[1:18:59 PM] Yukimura Fuyuko: and permed
Again, I thought this was a temporary solution to a problem Joda would solve. This wasn't me spawning weapons in for a friend or myself for the hell of it. Starh only got that much. He asked for other weapons and noclip on occasion, and I never gave them, as I was not doing this simply for him asking me to do it.

I believe his argument with HP is a separate issue, wherein I am on HP's side. Starh did act antagonistic and intrusive, even damaging the person in HP's sit. In this appeal, I am not defending those actions. I am giving reason to my own. His rank, his custom class, and the deleted weapon herein the class was why I did so. I explained this to HP as well at the time. Starh tells me HP spawned Lightsabers for him after I left. I doubt this is true, as HP did not want to be involved with Starh.

Addon, after some reading: The Lightsaber isn't supposed to be in the server anymore. I was unaware of this. Whether Joda is more annoyed with the act of spawning a weapons as a temporary solution to a missing weapon on a class or the literal spawning of a weapon that was meant to be removed, I do not know.

Why I won't do it again:
Was it the spawning of a weapon in place of a missing one the issue, or the spawning of a weapon that was meant to not exist anymore?
I need that question answered. If it's the act of spawning a weapon, regardless of scenario... I would disagree on principle, but understand. If it was the Starh scenario that was the issue, I would understand, not defend myself, and take the hit. If it was the Lightsaber being the issue, I would plead ignorance, as I did not know it wasn't meant to exist.

If someone is RDM'd, or loses a weapon in some non-RP way (And only if I KNOW it was RDM or non-RP reasons, I don't give things on a whim), I will spawn it for them. I spawned the Lightsaber based on this principle. If Mods are not allowed to do that, I was not told or otherwise informed, it was an open option to me. I did no more than this, so I did not view it as abuse. Correct me where I am wrong.

As for Starh's issues with HP, I only tried to pull back Starh from seeking to argue; I did not defend his actions. I agreed with some things he said, as I did with HP. My opinion was HP was correct in his actions, Starh was being intrusive and damaged the Sit'd player. From that alone, disregarding the later arguments worsening the issue, HP was justified. Any video recorded at the time, as Starh said he did and I believe HP did, would back my opinion on this. Unrelated to my ban, as far as I know, but I know it's a point of interest of the previous night.

To avoid future issues like this, I'd like a Staff Rank Permissions Thread, showing which permissions are allowed to which ranks.
I have already received word from Shinoda about the whole HP thing. HP was justified according to him too.

Other than that, I will unban you. You will lose mod for at least a week though, depending on how you act. No one is allowed to spawn in money/weapons for other people EVER. If they spawn it for themselves, they may not use it against someone else, even if that means dying to them. I removed the spawn weapon function today, so this will no longer be an issue.

Sorry about this though. It mostly had to do with Starh, not you.

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