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High Speed Steel M2 1.3343 SKH51
M2 is the standard high speed steel grade. It is a high performance steel with high hardness and good wear resistance properties. Often used as the cutting tool at very high rate than any other carbon steel.
Features Of Manufacturing tool bits:
M2 high speed steel tool bits are designed for general purpose machining mild steel, alloys, and tool steels. They have good heat and abrasion resistant properties and are best used when making an interrupted cut or where the tool may be subjected to heavy load or shock.
HSS M2 Tool bits size range:
Flat, square and round shape is available.Size as requirement.
High speed tool steel M2 Applications:
Besides of various of cutting tool, milling cutter, reamer, broach, gear hob, also suitable for cold forging dies, fine blanking dies,forming dies etc.
Equivalent Grade
Chemical Composition Table (% )
Metallurgy Method
Non-Vacuum furnace+LF+ESR
Condition of Delivery
With heat treatment 61-63HRC.
Surface Condition & Standard Size
Flat Bar: Thickness 1mm to 100mm, Width 1mm to 100mm, Length less than 1000mm.
Black/Bright surface
HSS M42 high quality punch material
Taps material high speed steel M35High Speed Steel M2 1.3343 SKH51

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