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Justin Timber lake Olivia Wilde  nike hyperadapt 1.0 for sale , both are one of the famous celebrities of Hollywood are now days flirting each other too flirted all night at L.A hot spot Roxbury.
Sources said that they danced all night in club in ces also added that people watched them kissing each other in is confirmed from their styles that they are on date and enjoying all the night.

Justin Timber lake Olivia Wilde , both are one of the famous celebrities of Hollywood are now days flirting each other too flirted all night at L.A hot spot Roxbury.
Sources said that they danced all night in club in ces also added that people watched them kissing each other in is confirmed from their styles that they are on date and enjoying all the night.

Timber lake and Olivia Wilde are now confirmed couple and they were on date that night.
Olivia Wilde has taken divorce from Tao Ruspoli after 8 years of marriage in march.
Justin Timberlake also leave his long time girl friend Jessica Biel.

Full article at hollywood news and gossips

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