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How NOT to get banned/rekted

  1. Read the rules
  2. Read the rules some more
  3. Know all the rules
  4. Rek people
  5. Raid people that are obviously cooking meth and then rage at you for killing them in a raid and listen to them lie about NOT having meth even they do
  6. Get 1000 hits on you in one day
  7. Somehow survive all the Assassins and Hitmen that go after you for your bounty
  8. Cry about the tanks still being locked (like I am)
  9. Be extremely sad about how long it takes to get just one level over 200
  10. Cry because Smoggy doesn't know how to host a exp event (like I do)
  11. Wonder why've you read this long
  12. Seriously stop reading this

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