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A few recommendations

Mayor - The leader of a survivor/non-tribal settlement. Perhaps they can ally a settlement with the resistance or the combine, which guarantees no raids from said ally. Player model Breen(?) Perhaps level 35 or 45?

Sheriff - Keeps the peace in the mayor's settlement and keeps an eye on tribal/undead threats and crime. Player model Lucas Simms (if possible) or Combine super soldier model (?) Perhaps level 20 or 25?

Other ideas:
Wire mod
Mining or new industries both legal/illegal
Some additional tools, maybe a ladder maker, tools for creative building
Wiremod was recently added and removed. The server can't handle it. I'll look into mining once the map update comes out. The new tools, my general policy is find em and I'll look into adding em.

On the jobs, I'll try to include them next time I make an update for the jobs file.
On the Mayor note, are Combine law enforcers by choice, or required to enforce laws?
Mayor/sheriff are added, also have a "prop" ladder installed on the server. As of now, you'll need either our content pack or sligwolf's crane subscribed to in order to search it from the Q menu though.

"Industries" may or may not be expanded.
Also, another good thing to note would be there really isn't any significance in "laws". It's a lawless wasteland. You can try to support the combine or resistance in restoring order, but it isn't "needed".

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