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The stylings are loose and uncomplicated
Both acts stand for a change in values, each in its own way: loud and colorful on one side, quiet and harmonious on the other. But always open and honest.
[Act One] The first act of ALINEA is loud, unconventional and powerful. Energetic, young and fresh colors emphasize the casual haircuts, which impress with strong length contrasts: short hair on the neck and on the back of the head, plus long and frayed ponies. The stylings are loose and uncomplicated and are very much in the undone trend. Because a bit of chaos on the head remains fashion for women and men and exudes exuberance and joie de vivre.
[Act two] Quiet, harmonious and yet confident, the second line expresses very natural and relaxed textures. Long hair with soft movements and slight gradations give her wearers a feminine and sensual style. Ponies create a mysterious and not all revealing effect. It is an adult casual look that emphasizes individual personality with its rich, earthy and fruity tones inspired by buy human hair wigs nature.

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