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Staff (Re)Application
RP Name: Rookie (Not planning to change for awhile)

Steam Link:

Why I want to be Moderator: To assist in maintaining the E.N.D Gaming servers

What I will use Moderator for: Keep the server clean of abusive tactics and for the entertainment of the users

A Suggestion: Even though i've only played abit recently on the darkRP, the grind is proving quite tedious as i've said before; Either we could increase the natural income or get more creatures to grind.

My Hours (Atleast for the newest darkRP) : 10 hours (as of now)

(For Joda) Instead of that optional question about someones impending death to a blender, I'd like to state I have played since before you called it E.N.D gaming (Or was it always called E.N.D? Its been awhile.) so i definetly have a butt ton of hours that I cannot measure, but only actively started playing when you reopened the server Under E.N.D, I've been working as an enforcer of sorts on your servers since 2015 (Though my Forum account was only made because you asked us too), but I only went silent because well, the server did as well. Sorry for dissappearing, but i'm back and ready to fight unto death...again.
[Image: latest?cb=20170126062520]Yuh
We are not technically accepting applications right now, as there is no section in the DarkRP forum. Once we get a few more regulars, you're definitely on the priority list for staff. Sit tight!

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