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That polling is in the very core of OSRS
I think you're fine answering this questionnaire when you have privacy issues since basically all information is anonymous and OSRS gold it's using an industry-standard platform of Qualtrics. Jagex doesn't have ISO certificates but hey this is a fast survey in order that they wouldn't have to have any although market. It'd be interesting if they reveal a few of the outcomes of the survey. I replied the opposite, that polling is at the heart of osrs and they should stick with it strictly.

For clarity, I also answered that polling is in the very core of OSRS. The poll system enables the whole playerbase to open freeform discussion on the proposed changes/additions created to RuneScape game itself and it is absolutely a fantastic way to collect feedback and public view on something. That said, I really don't believe the current format meets the best interests of RuneScape game.

I don't believe that the player base is very good at determining which material, based on objective merit, is great for the overall health and integrity of RuneScape game long-term. Mostly we view people vote based on self interest. According to polling, the neighborhood generally liked 6hr NMZ but it was significant to eliminate despite that, which Jagex did. Players don't vote for any modifications which make things tougher for them but over time which becomes a drawback as material becomes easier and achievements are diluted, these can very slight but readily add up.

Another example is PvP and PK related adjustments which are voted against. People even voted against letting pures wear lucky chaps, despite currently being able to wear the normal variations. Improve profits from clue scrolls and therefore the only effect of the to accounts will have been to slightly boost the need. This is not an illustration of polling fulfilling the interests of RuneScape game, it's only a meme of not liking pures. If we just see upgrades that match the same 75 percent of people every time that the remaining 25% become increasingly marginalised, which is not a good balance when people 75/25 are seemingly so frequently the same folks.

I mean thats how voting functions irl too. Not everybody will make sound decisions while voting, or create the"right" choice. If the most informed voting options were left by literally everybody. The United States would not have. Nothing more, real world example of unemployment. Our voting system isn't ideal, but we all have to runescape 3 gold ensure we do not end up with the garbage that got pushed down RS3 players throats. Our throats. There are definitely improves that may be made that don't endanger it though (that aren't being achieved or attempted).

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