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Bathroom indicator lock on guard of your privacy
Bathroom indicator lock was devised to protect your private space. No more intruders in public restrooms. Clear red in-use would stop them halfway.
                                   Why to choose Vizilok bathroom indicator lock?

  The proper in-use/vacant bathroom lock lasts much longer than the usual door locks constantly experiencing the numerous pushes and turns. On top of that, commercial grade of Vizilok door locks adds to the high class of the lock durability. In-use or occupied bathroom lock  will help to avoid ‘oops’ moments. Due to the easiness of use and durability, our locks are perfect for public area restrooms as well as for office spaces and privately run businesses. Show yourself as a caring and hospitable business owner to attract more clients. Tongue
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Home improvement company is a good solution but before choosing a company you need to look through the reviews about it and to clarify the terms of warranty.
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