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Our personalities are Beginning to look like the ones of OSRS
Our personalities are Beginning to look like the ones of RS gold

I know they said it'd be a great deal of work to switch the entire body version, but I really don't find it being impossible to at least update the faces and features. It wouldn't change the size or height/position therefore that it shouldn't affect any gear. Reminder: Chat-heads are something, and there's an insanely enormous amount of those. Consider your participant kit: hairstyle, beardhair colour. The majority of those would need to be changed to reflect the newest models - also female personalities have horse legs. If they are going to update the mind, they might as well update the body - that, again, is a huge undertaking.

Ok but just like if every gaming company said it would be a lot of work to upgrade models all MMOs would still have models from the early 2000s. There comes a time once the face of the game is indeed outdated and awful that its damaging your brand a lot. Tell me somebody who doesnt play Runescape would examine the character on the best and be like"looks cool want perform". I mean, this game is built upon almost ancient coding techniques and also a habit in-house system. That being said - I agree that they could do some thing - but I'm just stating why they said they would not, and why it, at least marginally, logically makes sense.

(And let's be fair, the money that you spend doesn't actually return into Runescape like it should, so GL.) Its extremely depressing that theres many updates/suggestions that cant veen be contemplated because engine old or work coding. I get its difficult but at precisely the same time cant just stay secured where we are because of these reasons, something needs to occur. 1 evening there'll be a huge, gamebreaking insect (something Runescape cant recover from or alters it forever, such as the idiot glitch x100) because of the Knee code nightmare.

You've got the well respected veteran coder turned supervisor and he's behind using a proprietary or exceptionally uncommon code language. But you would not know if there were ways to make it work anyway, since it is all undocumented.

In most cases I have seen, the developers in that scenario end up getting replaced through an outsourced replacement program. It is possible they've already wasted their money with companies like that  RuneScape gold buy.
The change I suggested does eliminate many of the issues but it is still occurring on my machine.

On my system it appears that the timer is popping a few seconds early which is causing the same jobs to be re-executed thus generating many complaints. For example, it should pop at 02:00 and the 2nd one occurs at 02:59 thus re-executing all of the 02:00 scheduled jobs. Is there any debugging or tracing that I can enable to figure out why the timer is popping more than once?
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