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The Internet, or what may be called the network of networks, is the most important fruit of the fruits that resulted from the union of three global revolutions, which are the information revolution, the communications revolution, the computer revolution, and it is also one of the most important global models in the exploitation of digital network services, and the Internet is an information network Very large, it works to connect thousands of computers around the world with each other, and millions of people use them.

The origin of the Internet
 The story of the emergence of the Internet goes back to the Arpanet network, which is an information network established by the US Department of Defense in the late sixties, in order to develop the work of projects and scientific research in the field of defense and military matters. The use of this network greatly

 Several different academic networks participated with it, and thus the arabant changed and became the Internet, and since that time it has been in a great acceleration and growth, so that no one can determine exactly what the size of the Internet is at this time, or how it will be tomorrow, but most of the signals estimate that The number of host computers on the network has reached 6.6 million, while users of the network may become approximately 345 million, and the number of beneficiaries is expected to increase in the coming years until it reaches more than a billion users, and every day the network increases the number of connections and connects to millions of beneficiaries in 150 countries and more. The Internet is not for an individual, company, or government

 It has no official or board of directors, it refers to all the beneficiaries and operates them, and the only existing authority in charge of the Internet is the Internet Society, which is an optional membership body that works to elevate the international exchange of information, through the use of the Internet, and anyone can own a personal computer with the correspondent and software Needed, and he can pay for services by becoming an Internet subscriber.

Internet components
The Internet consists of a group of main things, namely: A community of Internet users of people, institutions, and companies. Technology, which consists of the hardware and software that work to connect parts of the Internet and users.

Internet management, which relies on global agreements between engineers, and implementation is carried out by public bodies and specialized bodies that collectively work to define addresses and maintain corridors. The business of dealing with the Internet, which begins with Internet service providers in the public and private spheres, and facilitates access to the Internet through telephone lines or private computers.

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