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Dinker Dan's Staff Application
Section 1: Credentials
This section tells you about who I am.

RP NameBig Grininker Dan
Steam Name (at present)Big Grininker Dan
Steam ID (eg: STEAM_1:2:3456789):STEAM_0:0:76043660

Country of Residence:Virginia, USA
Languages I can 'meet & greet' in:English and Spanish
Languages I am fluent in:English

My (written) English on a scale of 1-10:9

My Date of Birth:05-27-00
Current Education (if applicable):High School Education.

Do you have a microphone?Yes

Describe yourself & your personality in 150 characters:
I am a nice humble person that was born and raised in D.C. I am a socially active person and love to interact with new people on the daily. I love anything and everything to do with zombies. I am almost never negative and always try to put a smile on everyones face.

Section 2: Experience Profile
This section tells you about my experience with communities.

Communities I have administrated/moderated in the past:
I have a Co Owner experience on a Dark RP server, that is currently down due to donation issues.
I also administrated in a few Minecraft servers in the past

My Summary of 'Zombie RP' and the basic rules in at least 100 words:
A fun fast paced role play.
You make a base and you put up KOS signs, you do not KOS(unless tribal)in public that would be counted as RDM. The only real reason to kill someone is if they attacked you or is being a threat while you are in your home or out in public. Don't abuse arrest baton or stun stick. Don't CDM. You cannot prop abuse such as prop surfing, prop climbing, prop block etc. You have to advert for carjack, muggings and raids every time. Call an admin if you see anyone breaking the rules.
Serious grinding for levels and basing.

How long I have played Garry's Mod:3 years
How long I have played a RP Gamemode, such as DarkRP, ZombieRP, PERP, etc.(approximately):3 years
How long I have played at E.N.D. Gaming (approximately):
I've played on this server for about a month but the other server that was up awhile go I played for more than 2 months
How long I can play the server for per week (approximately):
Everyday for about at least 4-5 hours
How long I pledge to play as 'Staff on Duty' for per week (approximately):
As long as I am on I am on duty and am willing to help anyone in need

Section 3: Relationship with Users
This section tells you about how I will communicate with other users and present myself in the public.

Why is it important to give respect to our patrons, even if they don't respect you? (at least 50 words)
You respect everyone because they are the future of the server and if you are disrespectful to them it would not be a happy playing environment which could cause them to leave the server. Everyone has feelings and everyone has an opinion.
The reason why we should respect our patrons even if they don't respect us is to still look professional at all times
Why is it important to use correct grammar in the public? (at least 50 words)
It is important to use correct grammar in public because you will gain more respect from the people and you look more professional if you speak with proper grammar. Also people will take you more seriously and tend to listen to you more if you use correct grammar and punctuation at all times.

In a democratic environment, why is it important to respect everyone's opinion? (at least 25 words)
Because everyone has a voice and you should listen to everyones opinion and how they feel about the argument. You can't jump to conclusions without hearing both parties. Once people recognize that, people will enjoy the server and want to play more.

How will I aim to maintain professionalism everywhere?
By keeping a clear and calm mind when dealing with situations and not getting frustrated.

Section 4: My Past
This section discusses bans I have had in the past (if any) and what I have done to ensure that I no longer infringe upon the rules.

If you have never been punished for in game/forum offenses - please skip this section.

How many times have you been banned/warned before?
One time and it was a false ban for 11 and I believe it has been cleared
If you have, please explain what happened.
I was wrongfully banned for trolling and such. I was role playing and doing nothing wrong the admin didn't listen to both sides and jumped to conclusion
Video Proof below.
(<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->)
Why I now realize that it is important to have strong knowledge of the rules and follow them religiously:
I respect all rules and read through the rules almost everyday I play on the server.
Why I am sorry, and it will not happen again:
I am sorry because I should have talked with a little more respect even if the admin won't give me the same respect back.

Section 5: My knowledge of the rules
This section explains the RP rules.

What is RDM? Give an example.
Random Death Match. Walking up to someone who is casually role playing and shooting or attacking without any reason
What is NLR? Give an example.
New Life Rule. You don't return to the area where you've been killed for a short period of time.(Times may vary for different servers)
What is Prop Abuse? Give an example.
Prop abuse is when someone is breaking the rules in a way with props like prop surfing,prop climbing or prop block.

Section 6: Why I should be a staff member:
This section is me selling myself to you for my qualities and promises on how I will moderate effectively and fairly.

Why would I be unique in what I do? (40 words minimum)
I would make fair decisions while also treating everyone with the respect they need. I will listen to their every word and how they feel. I will help bring new people to the server by being nice, respectful and professional.
Why the community would appreciate & trust me in this role (60 words minimum):
They would appreciate and trust me because I think before my actions and I will keep my promises and work hard every day to keep the server fun and happy. I have a great since of humor and I can be fun most of the time. I would listen to how everyone feels about the server and address it correctly.
If I could make a change to E.N.D. Gaming, it would be:
Nothing you guys are doing an amazing job and keep up the good work!
Any other comments, etc:
I hope you read through my application and I hope you guys think I would be a great addition to the staff. I hope to work with you guys some day!
He was an admin on a previous server I was on and he was extremely fair and respectful. He always listened to what both sides had to say and made a judgement on that.
*You are missing 2 words in the "Describe ZRP" section
*You are missing 8 words in the "Why is it important to give respect to our patrons" section
*You are missing 30 words in the "Why is it important to use correct grammar" section
*You are missing 1 word in the "Why would I be unique in what I do" section
*You are missing 1 word in the "Why the community would appreciate & trust me in this role" section

Your application was a tad bit sloppy, but overall decent. If you go back and fix the erros I have listed above (and use, you might get Rep from me.
+0 Rep

[Image: NaturalTeemingChanticleer.gif]
Okay thanks for reviewing my application and I have fixed the errors!
And I won't let you down if you accept me into the staff team
I will look at your application in a bit. I'm doing a huge overhaul of the rules though, so I'm gonna wait til that's done.

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