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Qu4ntum's Application
RP Name Qu4ntum (Same as steam name)
Steam ID STEAM_0:0:23551637
Country Of Residence United States (East coast)
Languages I can meet and greet in: Spots of spanish, french, and very little german
Languages im fluent in: Only English
Written English Scale-7 (I write stories as a hobby but my grammar isn't the best)
Date of birth (07-18-1996)
Current Education: College Freshman
Do I have a mic? Yes

Describe myself: I am a very chill guy and typically find a way to work out a situation that helps the best for everyone (Due to being an oldest sibling). I mostly like to joke around and avoid conflict the best I can (By conflict I mean starting fights and what not.)

Section 2

Communites I have admin'd/Moderated: My first moderator experience was on a minecraft server that my friend set up. After that I was a moderator on a small Battlefield RP server and another small TTT server.
How long have I played Gmod? 1077 hours, my friend bought me the game several years ago

How long in an RP gamemode? Most of that 1077 hours. I mostly played the 1942 game mode when it first came out for several months.

How long have I played at END gaming: Approximately two days

How long can I play the server per week: Several hours at a time at any time. I am doing online classes for college and am unemployed (So I dont mess up online classes) So I can moderate at anytime during the day, but may be active mostly late at night since this is when I am typically on( From about 8-7)

How long will I pledge to be a staff on duty? Whenever I am needed to be, or Id say about 8-12 hours a week maybe more depending on what I have going on (Which is usually nothing)

Section Three

Why is it important to respect patrons? Because it works the same as customer service (Used to be a customer service clerk. I know customer service) If you be respectful and try to help everyone no matter how they treat you you will maintain a professional outlook and will increase the chances of the patron of returning to the server.

Why is it important to use correct grammar in the public? It is to make what you say clear and understandable to the people you are speaking to, to make sure what you say isn't confused or misread/heard.

Why is it important to respect everyone's opinion? Just the same as customer service, you'd want who your speaking to to return to the server and play. Respecting everyone's opinion helps in maintaining that.

How will I aim to maintain professionalism everywhere? Using my experience as a customer service clerk from a chain of grocery stores called Harris Teeter (Very busy where I live). This job taught me how to maintain respect for patrons and how to make sure everyone is satisfied in a situation.

Section 4

How many times have I been banned? I will not lie, Ive been banned a couple of times for varying reasons. The biggest was from 1942 (however those bans were over turned.) In the beginning of that servers life there were several corrupt moderators who used their powers for their own gain. When I called them out on it, or do something like beat them in a raid they would ban me from the server for varying reasons. It wasn't because I went against rules of these servers maliciously. I may have also been banned from a PonyRP server if there is a way to look up bans, but that was due to sharing my steam account with my younger brother and he didn't quite understand RP rules at the time.

Why I am Sorry? I understand that following the rules is very important for the flow of gameplay and to allow everyone a fair time while playing. I also understand that being a staff member following the rules is the best example for how to operate on a server.

Section 5

What is RDM? RDM is random death matching, or randomly killing players without a roleplay reason. An example would be if you were scavenging along the map and some one walked up to you, and without adverting a raid or a mugging blatantly killed you without reason.

NLR: NLR is new life rule. When you die you forget all knowledge of your past life and cannot return to the point of your death for a certain amount of time. An example of NLR would be if you were killed in a raid, came back before the timer was up with a gun and killed the raiders.

Section 6

Why I would be unique in what I do? Well for the most part I have experience in customer service and how to work out situations that arise between players. I have deffinte problem solving skills that derive from this experience in how to work situations out the fastest and most effective way I can. Also hours for being a staff on duty are open to almost all the time save for when I have to sleep due to unemployment and at home college classes.

Why would the community would appreciate and trust my role: I will be able to work out problems between players quickly and effectively as well as be the type of staff who listen, and well not ignore players problems and requests. I have experience in being a moderator on RP servers and learned how to deal with situations quickly. As I mentioned above and other times throughout this application I also have very flexible time to moderate on the server.

If I could make a change to END gaming what would it be? At the very moment I cannot think of something to change, however if something does arise I will bring it up with other staff members.

Thank you very much for considering my application for your staff and taking the time to read this application!

Out of my past experiences with you, you have been very helpful and haven't broken any rules so far. I would love to see you on the server more often as well.
+1 Rep (I don't care if we dont use a Rep system, take my rep)

[Image: NaturalTeemingChanticleer.gif]
Why thank you, and thank you for taking the time to read my app!
Server's dying due to Joda's mood changes and 'fuck everything' attitude. Ryuko was demoted and banned for a conversation on skype. If you want a way out with mod on another server, contact me.
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If Joda can snap out of his maelstrom of hypocrisy and back on his feet, fixing broken communication and whatnot, then I'd enjoy having you as a staff here.

Edit: Got through to Joda. He has calmed down. Care to be moderator then?
Yeah id love to try out for mod!
I've made a huge mistake I am so sorry

At the time I blocked you Nolife I was trading on CSGO lounge

AND I dont get emails from this for replies so I didn't see your post.

I thought when you had added me it was another scam.
I will look at your application in a bit. I'm doing a huge overhaul of the rules though, so I'm gonna wait til that's done.
He's already Mod.
LOL. Shows what I know~

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