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DarkRP rules
Command list:
Double tap your 'reload' key in order to toggle your grappling device.
// <message> - Global chat, OOC, etc.
/hit <player> <amount over 10,000 without commas> - Sets a hit on that player for that price. It will take the price out of your money immediately, and the hit will remain until the player leaves or dies by a hitman.
/spellbook - Shows you how to use the magic system. 
/spellbookold - Shows you the old method of magic, which involved sending chat messages. 
/roll <number> - Rolls a die. (Random number between 1 and your number.)
/combatstatus - Shows your current combat status. Is used with the anti RDM system, mainly for debugging.
/newshit - Shows some unfinished stuff that Joda's been working on, but has no real meaning right now.

(A) Definitions:
  1. RDM – Random Death Match; damaging or killing people without reason. Tazing someone counts as damaging them, even though no actual damage is dealt.
  2. Prop abuse – Spamming props, using props as a vehicle without any actual vehicle, using props as a weapon, or using props in a way that it can damage the server's performance.
  3. KOS line – A line with a sign designating someone’s property.
  4. Raid – The act of invading a player's base. (A raid starts when you begin to break into a base that is not yours.)
  5. CMU – Combine Measurement Unit, a 1x1 phx prop. (models/hunter/plates/plate1x1.mdl)
  6. Spawn – Within a 32 CMU radius around any class's spawn spawn
  7. Combat Jobs – Any job with one of the following in its name: ☠, ⛊, ⛉, ➷, ⛮, ✗, ☭

(B) Valid Reasons to Kill:
  1. If you are damaged by someone, you may shoot back at them or their group members until you die/they die or 3 minutes has passed.
  2. If you are raiding someone, you may kill them.
  3. If you see someone raiding a base, you may kill them.
  4. If someone shoves (Pressing E) you twice in a 10 seconds, you may kill them.
  5. If you have information that someone is trying to assassinate you, you may kill them.
  6. If you see someone cross your KOS line or enter your building uninvited, you may kill them.
  7. If someone is repeatedly affecting your visibility (Smoke, flashbangs, sitting on your head, etc), you may kill them.
  8. If someone steals from you or your friend/group, you may kill them.
  9. If you see a Tribal (Category) job and you are either in a different tribe (with /job <tribe name> Tribal) or are not a Tribal, you may kill them and they may kill you.
  10. If you are a Combine (Category) or a Resistance (Category) you must kill the other category jobs on sight.
  11. If you are being harassed by someone and you have told them to stop, you may kill them.
  12. If you are a hitman class and someone with a bounty kills themself, you may kill them in spawn for the bounty.
  13. Anyone that is currently using the "titan" swep may kill on sight and be killed on sight outside of spawn. (You can tell by them being huge and killing you if you get under them!)
  14. If the purge is active, you may damage anyone except for people who are "Staff on Duty".
  15. If someone interferes with your movement two times or tazes you one time you may kill them.

© General Rules:
  1. Do not RDM more than 1 time within 5 minutes.
  2. Do not threaten the server in any way.
  3. Do not harass anyone.
  4. Vulgar sprays/media are not allowed in public (Gore, porn, etc).
  5. Do not prop abuse.
  6. You may not build inside someone else’s base, designated by a building they own or by KOS lines.
  7. You may not kill in spawn.
  8. You may not change the name of any class with a KOS to anything without the original class name.
  9. You may not beg for anything.
  10. You may not make false admin reports
  11. You may not be a total asshole! (This can only be decided by one of the owners or superadmins)
  12. You may not impersonate a person or organization. If they had the name first, it's theirs. This is bannable upon first offence.
  13. You may not kill NPCs that can not attack you.
  14. You may not spam the chat via any means.
  15. You may not exploit glitches. 
  16. Anyone with the "titan" swep active may not enter any spawn areas for players.
  17. A drone that is occupied counts as a player for all rules. This means killing the drone counts for RDM and the occupant can return to where the drone died.
  18. Attempting to deceive a moderator or above while they are dealing with a rule breaking can result in a ban.
  19. Any music or video playing entities are not allowed to be heard or seen from within spawn without an Owner's permission.
  20. Wiremod may not be abused. (Wiremod abuse will be decided by someone ranked superadmin or above, and must be warned for unless it can potentially bring instant server damage.)

(D) Job Rules:
  1. Tribal (Category) jobs may not use any weapon they do not spawn with.
  2. Tribal (Category) jobs may not use any vehicle.
  3. Combine and Resistance must kill eachother on sight.
  4. Any "Combat Jobs" may not be switched to if you can see or be seen by one of the jobs that you can kill on sight. This rule also includes switching the names with /job.
  5. Any "Combat Jobs" may not be arrested by one another.
  6. Combine must respond when the combine armory is being raided.
  7. Only Resistance may participate in a combine armory raid.
  8. Combine may declare the combine nexus off-limits and KOS inside, but it is not off limits by default.
  9. You may not switch to a combine/resistance job, spawn/buy something, and switch classes to use that thing. This also includes having a friend "sell" you it. If you are not a combine/resistance job, you should not be using their weapons without a reason. (example: Stole it from them, bought a drone from the resistance to help them fight the combine, etc)

(E) Base Rules:
  1. All bases must have an entrance raidable by the Thief job as a fresh spawn with no MP and no vehicles. (Meaning they just loaded in, and have nothing but the thief class.)
  2. You may have at most 5 doors which need to be lockpicked, battering rammed, or keypad cracked to get fully into the base, not including a single vault per person that must be set on toggle.
  3. Fading doors need to be open (You must be able to get through them) for a minimum of 5 seconds when keypad cracked.
  4. All fading doors needed to get in your base must have a keypad or a button.
  5. You may not block off use of thief NPCs.
  6. You may not include more than 3 scavenge spots in your base, and you may not block them off if over 50% of the scavenge piles on the map are currently blocked.
  7. You may not block off use of Meth Addicts.
  8. You may not block off more than one building without having 1.5 people rounded up per building (For 2 buildings, you need 3 people. For 3, you'd need 5 people.) You may bypass this rule if you allow everyone who you have no reason to kill inside at will.
  9. You may put a textscreen on your base while you are building with "Building" on it. If you do this, you may not have any money-making entities or guns inside while the textscreen is there.
  10. If you can shoot the raider, the raider must be able to shoot you.
  11. Any base entrance room must have at least enough space for two people by two people standing up between fading doors. 
  12. If you can damage raiders, raiders must be able to damage you with guns from the F4 menu.
  13. You may not build in any spawn area, including NPC spawns without express permission from an admin or above.
  14. You may not base in the combine nexus. Any props inside must be built by the combine and may not block anything off. (This includes fading doors with buttons, keypads, etc.)

(F) Raid Rules:
  1. During a raid, the raiders may not build anything or spawn any props.
  2. You may not raid the same person within 10 minutes.
  3. Do not steal vehicles less than 3 minutes after someone spawns them!
  4. You may not raid places that have a building sign on them! 
  5. Any Job can raid except: Staff on Duty, any "Dealer" class, Bar tender, any "Tribal" class.
  6. Only Criminal classes may raid non “Combat Jobs” bases.
  7. Combat jobs may raid eachother.

(G) Default laws for Combine to enforce:
  1. Any sort of drug is illegal
  2. Stealing is illegal
  3. Raiding is illegal
  4. Killing is illegal
  5. If the purge is active, nothing is illegal

(I) PAC 3 rules:
  1. You may not abuse PAC 3 (This can only be decided on by one of the owners or superadmins)
  2. If an admin or above tells you to remove your PAC, you must remove it. You may dispute the decision on the forum.
  3. PACs must not lag those around you, ever.
  4. You must obtain admin permission to wear unreasonable PACs (For example, a bipedal wolf, a headcrab, a box, etc)
  5. Any PACs you wear must not modify your hitboxes, nor may they give you any advantage in combat. (Making it look like your head's gone, making you invisible, etc)
  6. Any PACs you wear may not modify any gameplay attributes such as, but not limited to: Speed, HP, Armor, etc
  7. All PACs you wear must not be public. You may not find a PAC on Youtube or Google, and just wear it. Make your own stuff!
  8. You may wear NSFW PACs, but only if either: you're in an area designated as NSFW by a textscreen, or there are less than 8 people online.

(J) Staff rules:

(J.1) Definitions:

  1. Abuse - Using something given to you to your advantage in an unfair way that the receiving party cannot match.
  2. Owner - Anyone with the Manager or Dev rank given by a vote of all of the current owners, which must pass with 75% in favor.
  3. Class S offence - Any offence that threatens the server, one of its users outside the server, or can result in any of the following for any of our servers: Items/money/points injected into the economy using exploits or rank powers (Except for f4 menu items and event rewards), downtime, extreme lag OR any offence that involves scripting, hacking, abusing wiremod, or modifying files that aren't authorized. (Ask before you use any clientside mods!)
  4. Class A offence - Any offence that results in any of the following: Extreme mental condition worsening, rank abuse.
  5. Class B offence - Any offence that can result in any of the following: Any general gameplay-ruining offence.
  6. Class C offence - Any offence that can result in any of the following: Any rules broken that cannot be fit into the other categories.
(J.2) General: 

  1. Do not abuse anything given to you by your rank.
  2. If your rank is anything that can ban or kick, you may not raid people with the default rank more than once every 24 hours. 
  3. You must know and follow all of the rules.
  4. If you are the only staff on and not AFK, you must respond to any call.
  5. If you have a situation that involves you or your friends, hand it to another staff member if at all possible.
  6. Do not use your rank to purposefully intimidate anyone.
  7. If you have access to rank-giving, you must have a vote on any rank changes before they are made.
  8. If you have access to rank-giving, you may not set yourself or someone else to a higher rank than you.
  9. Any FAdmin settings must be set back to what they were if changed.
(J.3) Punishments: 

  1. The punishment process is as follows and may not be bypassed by anyone, except for S class offences or for people who leave before you can punish/warn them: One (or more) warning(s), One (or more) kicks on next offence, ban if they have been sufficiently kicked.
  2. Moderators can ban for 2 weeks max, Admins can ban for 3 weeks max, Superadmins can ban for 4 weeks max, and Owners are the only ones allowed to perma ban.
  3. Class S offences may be banned without warning, kicking, or taking the normal procedure.
  4. Class A and Class S are the only offences that may be perma banned for.

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