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My Life Story
My Life Story

I was born into this world un-wanted, within the first month of my birth. i was put up for adoption by a schizophrenia mother who couldn't tell the difference from her demons and reality. 
I grew up with a nice Dad, and a very bitchy mother. for pretty much my whole life, i lived with no sense or ability to love another human being. at the age of 13 i was deemed "Pyschotic", I always known i could never get along with another sack of human flesh, it was finally then the world noticed. 
It was that same year my "Dad" was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, with only a few years of life. it was a tragic fate for such a considerate human, Yet i don't feel anything...No Remorse, No Sadness. Only Emptyness. 
It was that same year i realized i could never get along with another "person" nor was i able to ever look one in the eye and say "I like you", Because to be quite honest. I fucking hate you. not because you did anything wrong. it's because i was born in this world with a fate one would call...Tragic

To be honest im a nice person, i just silently hate you all <3


If For arguements sake you were to write a story, with me in the lead role, it would certainly be... 

A tragedy. 
Likes & Dislikes

- I like anime especially tokyo ghoul 
- I find a certain joy in another's misfortune
But i never try to cause misfortune
- Drawing 
- Programming 
- Social Engineering 
- Being immature 

- You 
- People forcing there opinions on me 
- People thinking they are better than me 
- People trying to make me feel "guilt" 
- Goals 

My Favorite Music

Tokyo Ghoul - On My Own - 
Tokyo Ghoul√A OST - On My Own 

Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel (Acoustic) - 
Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel (Acoustic) 

Tokyo Ghoul - Yutaka Yamada - (Favorite) -
Tokyo Ghoul OST - licht und schatten (Yutaka Yamada) 

Tokyo Ghoul Root A - Gassy Sky
Tokyo Ghoul Root A (√A) OST - Glassy Sky 
[Image: tumblr_na5o2ebVQe1rlaowao2_500.gif][Image: tumblr_na5o2ebVQe1rlaowao1_500.gif]

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