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Screenshot Competition!
Hello everyone! We are having a lovely little competition! Who ever can take best screenshots of the server wins! Obviously there are rules and catches.

1. There are three categories; Roleplay, Raiding, and Basing. The objective is to take screenshots of yourself(and friends). You can submit multiple photos but only one photo can win per category. 

2. Photos must be UNEDITED. No photoshop. HUD enabled.

3. The competition will be starting immediately and will be ending on the 22th of January at 11:59 pm EST.

4. Now the part you've been waiting for. The rewards of winning! 

1st place: 9 million in-game dollars!
2nd place: 7 million in-game dollars!
3rd place: 5 million in-game dollars!

1st place: 3 million in-game dollars!
2nd place: 2 million in-game dollars!
3rd place: 1 million in-game dollars!

1st place: 5 million in-game dollars!
2nd place: 4 million in-game dollars!
3rd place: 3 million in-game dollars!

Okay. Now that we've gotten all the fun stuff out of the way, the logistical stuff. We are looking for actual screen shots pertaining to the categories. If you submit a picture of a lump of shit and say its "raiding" and you're the only submitter, you will NOT be placed by default. We want actual screen shots. If your screen shot isn't suitable for the category, then it will be disregarded. 

Now with that said, It is entirely possible for winning places to not be filled. If we get no suitable entries, then no one will win. We want effort. Its a competition.

There will be a subforum to submit your pictures!

Now go out and get to taking those pictures!  Big Grin
Just as an addition, these screenshots will be used in advertisement posts for the server~
jk. The deadline will be extended to February 5th.

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